Cindy Marie Pain

Cindy was born in a small East Tennessee town.  Her interest in music became apparent at a very young age. She performed around town as a young teenager and then moved to Nashville where she made the rounds at the well-known clubs. Her musical influences came from Dolly Parton, Hank Williams Sr., Bonnie Raitt, Allison Krause, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Johnny Cash, Tanya Tucker, and many more great artists. Her voice is undeniably Americana Roots, a fusion of traditional Country, Bluegrass, Mountain and Delta Blues. A special cadence in her voice directs the flow of the instrumentation. 


Read about courage and overcoming unimaginable tragedy on  "Cindy's Story" Page. Lost in emotion, and not knowing what direction to head first or how to find her way into music again, the inevitable happened as it does for any true artist. Like a call to the altar, the music came for her! And she hasn't slowed down since! Her background enables her to connect with her audiences and leaves them mesmerized asking for more!


 Comments from Cindy's Peers-


 "RECORDING THE ALBUM STILLWATER was a life-changing experience for all those involved. A lot of these songs were written years earlier in the very house the project was recorded in. Going full circle has been an amazing experience for me as a musician, producer, as well as a person. Cindy is a warm and guiding light of truth. Her stamp upon meeting you are forever, and it is positive. I personally wanted to make this album very honest, very down to earth. Full of noise and blemishes and truth. I wanted it to feel like a family had come down from the mountains to back Cindy up in this project. The intimacy of the music and Cindy' s signature voice makes for a visual experience of Cindy as an Artist. Cindy projects and possesses the common human element that binds us all together, hope".

Cody Brooks 

 (producer, musician, performer, songwriter, Razor & Tie Music Publishing)   

"Cindy Pain has a knockout voice.  That’s all there is to it.  She’s a great vocal storyteller drawing the audience in with her lyric interpretations and with the sheer power and emotion of her singing."

 Larry Tuttle/ Composer  

"Cindy Pain's song is a call across the holler drawing us closer to the time when fields fed us and music was for sharing our joys, sorrows, loves, and loses.  She can make a grown man cry for the way it used to be.  Cindy sings from her heart and the gift is ours to enjoy."

 Alexander Wright /2Ton Bridge 

 (Actor, singer, writer, musician, producer, Monkee Room Music, SESAC, Sag-Aftra, AES) 

 "Cindy Pain’s Musical expression and songs are Pure Sublime Passion. Such a delight to hear her voice and performance. A Real Treat."

Gregory Alan Amoore/Drummer  

 "Cindy Pain is a powerful singer who is as adept at getting folks out of their seats to come along for a wild ride as she is at inspiring quiet, intimate moments of reflection and connection. Truly unique, truly passionate and surely fun! What a joy to play with a singer with such a wide-ranging instrument. I had a blast!"

 Tom Moose/Fiddle/Mandolin 

 " I love to hear Cindy sing!  Her voice is so rich, it can transport one to some far off timeless place. I think the role of a singer is to take the listener on a deep trip.  Not all singers can do that. Cindy can!"

Noel Rhodes/Musician, co-manager of Sunspace, art teacher