Courage and Inspiration

"I hope through my music and story I can inspire others who are experiencing hardships in their own lives, and give them the courage to move forward and never give up on their dreams."  Cindy Marie Pain 


 After leaving Nashville Cindy and Duncan Pain settled into the mountains above Los Angeles. Cindy might have relocated to Los Angeles, but is still a country girl at heart! She pursued acting and made her way into the Screen Actors Guild. Things were going well until 2006. Duncan suffered a severe brain injury in an auto accident. Now, Duncan lives in an assisted living center with 24/7 care and supervision. 


He successfully had spine surgery in January 2017 and a shunt placed in his brain in June 2017. He walks with no trouble now and is doing much better. Duncan is a perfect example of why Stem Cell Therapies and other alternative methods should be utilized in medicine today. Duncan would not have recovered to the point he is today if he hadn’t received alternative therapies and Stem Cell Therapy. 


An accident like this would have ended Duncan's music career had it not been for the vision and dedication of Cindy Marie Pain. Through her music and others, Duncan's musical genius will live on.  Her album "Stillwater" is close to her heart for many reasons. The Song 'Stillwater' was written by Duncan Pain and happened to be one of many in his catalog.


Many will remember seeing Cindy on CBS News being interviewed after the 2009 Station Fire in California. Here is a young woman, already buried in tragedy, with the fire bearing down and headed straight for the homes in the community. She was only left with her wedding ring and a couple of burned music boxes of her Grandmothers. Duncan and Cindy had thousands of uncut lyrics and recordings that burned to ashes in the Station Fire along with his Gold and Platinum albums. Unfortunately, Duncan is unable to remember all the material he had, even though his memory has greatly improved. Events like these would destroy many people and they are unable to overcome them. But, after an absence from music, Cindy is back and pouring her heart into her music. 
"I still visit Duncan three times a week and will always carry his musical legacy forward. What a gift when I visit Duncan, he can walk several blocks with no trouble at all. UCLA Neurosurgery Group will forever have my utmost respect for getting to have another moment in time with Duncan". Cindy Marie Pain    

About Duncan Pain

Duncan Pain is a 40-year veteran of the Music Industry as a Multi-Platinum Pop Producer and Songwriter. Later in life, he became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and utilized this skill with artists he developed, such as Darren Geffre.  Duncan Pain was trained by Vince Girando, a legendary trainer of four Mister Olympias and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Girando's real fame came from training actors, who needed to look naturally wonderful.


 * Sample Duncan's songs here- Listen to MP3 Clips here


 Abbreviated Discography: 

 Video- C'EST LA VIE “C’EST LA VIE” Robbie Nevil/EMI Records

Top Ten in every reporting territory in the world (publisher/writer)


 “ONE OR THE OTHER” Paula Abdul/Virgin Records
Platinum 12” comp (producer/writer) Septuple Platinum CD/cassette, Twelve million copies, worldwide (writer/publisher)


 “YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS” Sheena Easton/EMI Records, Platinum (writer/publisher)


 “FIRST TIME IN LOVE” The Jets/MCA Records (writer/publisher)


 “CHANGING LIGHT OF LOVE” Mixed Emotion/Metronome, Platinum (producer/writer/publisher)


 “YO YOGI YO” Theme song Yogi Bear Show, The Turner Network (producer/writer)


 “NOT JUST NEWS” Theme song FOX TV, Neilson rated #1 in most territories (producer/writer) 


“I’M A WHEEL WATCHER” Theme song Wheel of Fortune TV, (producer/writer)


 Native American Music Artists


Uncivilized [click to listen] - Blackfeet Singer-Songwriter, Darren Geffre 

Melodic Mainstream Pop/Rock - Award-winning debut CD from singer/songwriter Darren Geffre, Produced by Pete Amato and Duncan Pain."Uncivilized" nominated for 2 Grammy's.

Hechetuctelo [click to listen] - Lakota Singer and Hoop Dancer, Jackie Bird.

Dance to the Sun [click to listen] Duncan Pain - Producer, Writer, Performed Chorus in Lakota. 

“OYATE” Donell Standing Rattle/Aqua Boogie, #5 Billboard Dance chart – 12” , Duncan Pain producer, writer.

Orate [click to listen] - Lakota Singer, Donnell Standing Rattle, Duncan Pain - producer, writer.

Two-Legged [click to listen] - Lakota Singer, Donnell Standing Rattle.

Duncan Pain - Producer, Writer, Performed Chorus in Lakota 

 Atco Records Album - Folk, World, Country


* Entire Album Written by Duncan Pain-  Produced by Marlin Greene

* Recorded at the famous Muscle Shoals Studios in Alabama

* Donna Thatcher of Southern Comfort background vocals

* Duane Allman plays guitar on Middle of The Road 

* Others include;  Joe Arnold, Barry Beckett, Roger Hawkins, Eddie Hinton, David Hood, Jimmy Johnson, and Ed Logan.


Duncan with Paula Abdul, Whitney Houston, and Kool & the Gang