Creation of Stillwater

CoDy brooks nashville

Cindy & Cody Ashland City, TN

"RECORDING THE ALBUM STILLWATER was a life-changing experience for all those involved. A lot of these songs were written years earlier in the very house the project was recorded in. Going full circle has been an amazing experience for me as a musician, producer, as well as a person. Cindy is a warm and guiding light of truth. Her stamp upon meeting you are forever, and it is positive. I personally wanted to make this album very honest, very down to earth. Full of noise and blemishes and truth. I wanted it to feel like a family had come down from the mountains to back Cindy up in this project. The intimacy of the music and Cindy' s signature voice makes for a visual experience of Cindy as an Artist. Cindy projects and possesses the common human element that binds us all together, hope". 

Cody Brooks, musician, singer-songwriter and producer.


Cindy Marie Pain

New Americana Fusion of Traditional Country, Bluegrass, Delta Blues and Mountain Music!

Reviews for Stillwater from Online Sales-

***** Ed- Dayum! Love this album. Very pure, honest, and real. Girl can write and sing! I live in Nashville and work in the "Biz," I hope this gal gets her due. This town could use her style. I see big things in her future..make sure you help her with her sales. Numbers count, but her integrity on this project is what really counts..Well Done Mountain Girl!

***** Stillwater- Another Dimension when listening to this artist, I was literally transformed into another dimension. I never have experienced this transformation before. It does my soul good and takes me beyond!!!!!

***** Paul Moses- Pure Raw bleeding soul I listened to this music over and over, and I am taken by the pure raw soul, which it exudes. Having been born in the mountains of Tennessee, I have this in my soul...This is the real deal with no extra "purified sound effects." I look forward to more from this fine artist!!

***** Charles Ling- WOW! When I heard her voice it stopped me in my tracks. I was mesmerized. All I could say was "WOW". The band is epic.

***** AFG Music- News- A Ray of Light Rising From the Ashes The Nashville Scene will feature a personal and touching story behind this album. Be sure to look for this article out on December 27th. A true and compelling story of this amazing and talented artist. Cindy Marie Pain is destined to be a legendary talent on the County and Bluegrass music scene!

***** Angie- Makes my southern soul sing!!! Cindy is so amazing and talented! She truly captures the southern sound. She has beautifully mixed the bluegrass, blues, folk sound into one unique voice. Thanks for the great music Cindy!!!

***** Music Reviewer- Amazing Voice! I just listened to the album clips from Stillwater. Amazing, breath of fresh air, soulful, what a voice this woman has! I can actually hear the words of the songs. So refreshing and absolutely mesmerizing. And that face...just like a Hollywood Movie Star! I am pretty sure I have seen her in some movies.

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